2 Factors Why Indie Consulting Firms Can’t Say No To Bad Deals (seeing red flags all over).

With this, I refer to the situations where we have already put ourselves into whatever we are doing.

  • A new client: all the time, meetings, calls, proposals…
  • A new venture: all the energy, time, money…
  • A new project: all we have put from ourselves…

Being too invested in the sale leaves us in a diminished position, so we say Yes — even when we see red flags all over the place. We are focused on the incurred costs and, if we step away, we’d have lost it. The consequences are even worse, yet we simply ignore them.

Blair Enns’ defines it as: P=db/D. Power equals desirability over desire. The more you want something, the less you can put your terms on it.

A deep dive with him on 2Bobs’ Selling In One Lesson.

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