4 insanely unvaluable prompts to use with chatGPT. (Part 1)

Rod Aparicio
2 min readApr 24, 2023


“If you’re not learning ChatGPT, you’re falling behind.”

This is one of the misconceptions around: “falling behind”.

Incentivizing your FOMO (fear of missing out) and moving you into whatever is on trend just for the sakes of it.

Here are prompts that — while being viral — bring nothing of value to you.

The thinking behind these prompts… 🤦

Spoiler alert: this one comes out as a (digested) rant.

4 insanely unvaluable prompts to help you “master” ChatGPT.

First two.

1. Learn any complex topic in just a few minutes.

“Explain [insert topic] in simple and easy terms that any beginner can understand.”

First flaw: This focuses on getting something “quick”, not on actually learning.
You might begin to understand the concepts behind the topic. But in a few minutes? That’s if you want shallow, small chitchat; not if you want to help your clients thrive.

This is not imposter syndrome, it actually is imposing.

The Way Out. Simplify the complex, yes, to allow you to go deeper — and that doesn’t happen in a “few” minutes.

2. Get ChatGPT to write in your style.

“Analyze the writing style from the text below and write a 200 word piece on [insert topic]”

Writing is the clarification of the (messy) ideas in your head.

Style is the form it looks, flows, sounds.

“Write a 200-word piece…” That’s not even creating — you need creativity and originality to create. That’s making things that are already said add to the noise.

The Way Out. Analyze the style and find out how it could be improved, then implement. You’ll get better at working on your ideas.

Next: last two.