4 insanely unvaluable prompts to use with chatGPT. (Part 2)

Rod Aparicio
2 min readApr 25, 2023


“If you’re not learning ChatGPT, you’re falling behind.”

This is a misconception that incentivizes experts into this FOMO of “not falling behind”, leaving how to leverage tech for greater results out of the equation.

There were 4 I found unvaluable, yet spreading like weed.

The first two:

1. Learn any complex topic in just a few minutes.

2. Get ChatGPT to write in your style.

And the last two:

3. Respond to customer emails.

“You are a customer service representative dealing with a customer upset about a late delivery. Write a 100 word apology email offering a 20% discount.”

For that you can just use a simplified bot.

The Way Out. Just give the damn 20% discount and say ‘Hey, I’m sorry. I screwed up.”

No bot. No AI. No 100 words of fluff. Simple, direct. Honest.

You know when you’re being bullshitted.

4. Ask ChatGPT for solutions to a problem.

“Act as an expert career coach. I [explain problem]. Give me a list of 5 solutions that could potentially fix this problem.”

If a bot can act as a coach in a specific discipline and give you five (or more) solutions… What’s the point of working at all?

Why not just put your shingle out saying you’re a career coach, use AI and charge for it?

If an AI is the expert… either you became so replaceable or your views are too broad and without a POV.

You, dear reader, have so much to add. That’s why you got into business. To elevate others. With. Your. Thinking.

The Way Out. Get it to see your biases and blind spots on your proposed solutions.

Here’s the thing

AI is a great assistance and a way to automate redundancies in your processes. Yet, the expertise relies on you. Your clients rely on you.

You’re the expert. You can take responsibility. And, a secret most don’t know, you’re the one who can create.

As friend of the list, AI and Analytics Specialist, Genevieve Hayes wrote on her article “Swimming with AI Sharks 🦈” (bold mine)

Just as dive computers are a fantastic support tool for beginners and experts alike, AI-based tools are also fantastic for assisting the decision process. And no one is suggesting anyone should make decisions without them. But the key word is “assisting”.
What separates the beginner from the expert, in diving and with AI, is being able to leverage technology, rather than becoming its slave.
Experts can think beyond AI.

Keep that in mind 👇

Think beyond AI. You’re the expert.