4 Stages Of Consulting. A Medical Approach for Indie Firms.

The race to zero of Consulting: Trusting client’s self-diagnosis and operate on them, while giving your thinking away.

Why a medical approach?

To increase the likelihood of success and identify and treat the root problem, not to only treat the symptoms.

Act like a MD. Ask good questions from the start to figure out what the real problem might be. And charge for this thinking phase. You don’t go to the doctor to just see if they can give you a recipe, right?

If someone comes to ask for a liver surgery because they have pain in their tummy and after 2 hours on google, they found out it was a liver problem, you just don’t because they say so. There’s a responsibility to know the real causes behind that pain. Maybe it’s just a fart.


Deep dive into the symptoms and determine if the reason they came to you with is the real issue.


Once identified what the real problem is, prescribe a treatment: a way to approach the problem, roughly how long it might take, etc.

You can’t just throw antibiotics to cure everything.


The application of this treatment. Depending on the level of complexity or engagement, it can be executed (administered) by you or by other parties — even self-administered with the right instructions.

Re-application if necessary

Check if the treatment is working, if there needs to be a re-evaluation or re-direction. Or to completely change the treatment.

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Rod Aparicio

Rod Aparicio

Strategy Designer for Indie Consulting Firms