Rod Aparicio

management is about keeping in budget

leadership, about value creation.

to manage is to administer resources in a more efficient, effective way. how to use less of something while returning more.

leading is about risking to create something different, to create change. Not to do better, to do greatness. and that’s inefficient by definition.

the innoficiency principle by Blair Enns:

“innovation and efficiency are opposable objectives. you can’t increase one without decreasing the other.” blair enns

how so? you keep trying to find better ways to do things.

challenge the convention.


all of that is wasteful.

and that’s good.

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Fitting in and Blending in.

Why they’re 2 dangerous things in a world of average.

Fit in → You’re a square and mold yourself to fit in a circle shape. You’re still a square, only now hiding your edge.

Blend in → You’re a color and go into a blender with other colors. Got blended in and dissolve and dissipate your hue and intensity. You get average color.

These 2 are way too dangerous if you want to stand out. They impede you to do it.

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