Anti-beginners Mindset

“Approach things with a beginner’s mindset.”

Bullshit. It’s the wrong frame.

How you want to approach things is with curiosity. Curiosity is what opens unknown doors. It’s how you see the unseen.

A beginner explores things and while they’re exploring, they do have the fresh eyes to quickly spot things overlooked. However, here’s how they get blindsided: a beginner does not know (yet) how to ask the right questions. It takes them time to start figuring things out because they’re trying to find patterns.

When you have a level of expertise, it’s your job to see and find patterns (both obvious and non-obvious), get curious and ask the right questions. This is the Anti-beginner’s Mindset.

How can you get to ask the right questions?

Asking WHY makes things personal AND complex.

Why? (pun intended)

Because the one asked will try to explain a thing, behavior, event. If it’s too close to them (eg. the owner and their decisions re: their “ugly” website), it becomes a judgment on what THEY decided. So they get defensive.

Just reframe it.

Do think with why, just reframe it with How, What, When.

  • Why do you work like this? → Explain to me. Justify, TO ME, YOUR decision. Get defensive.
  • What made you take this approach to working like this? → Takes you out of the focus, gives you distance from the question, makes you think of the process, decision-making, gain altitude.

Want to start asking better questions?

No time to read? (bc your kindle is full of unread books — just like me 😅)

→ Here’s a 3 minute video

Or, if you have 11 minutes, here’s also a deeper dive.

How are you questioning things?

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