Companies That Need You To Over Work With The Excuse Of “Purpose”. They’re Just Cheap.

Inefficient companies.

That they make you work with purpose and fulfilment, yah. That’s good. Having you buried in work for 60+ hours a week? That’s just cheap.

It’s got nothing to do with purpose, but with not investing.

Working 60+ hours a week is just a way to lead people to burnout. It’s not being able to be efficient or just not giving a shit, disguising it as “purpose”. Plain and simple.

From my POV, having someone working these long hours has to do more with either of two situations:

  1. Having a bad process or system to get the work done, or
  2. Being too cheap to put another person to fill in the work overload.

I’ve seen this in orgs of all sizes: start ups, small family biz, medium ones, large companies, non-profits… Are these companies profitable? Maybe. Do they need help with being conscious of what they’re making? Absolutely.

If you don’t want people leaving your org because “they’re too lazy” or “it’s the ‘great resignation’”, start taking into account these factors.

  1. Are your systems properly set?
  2. Is there work overload?
  3. How can you streamline it?

Remember, if you can’t afford more people to work on things or automate them because “you’ll lose money”, your biz model is the one with flaws. And it’ll catch up with you. Eventually.

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