Finding Your Niche Is The Simplest Start — And Not A Face Tattoo.

Rod Aparicio
2 min readFeb 4, 2022


Imagine a stone falling into very calmed water.

See those tiny circles growing as the move away from the core? That’s niching down — the stone making the first tiny, little wave that expands as it moves.

The First Wave

The pros of niching down (a strategic decision) as an indie brand:

  • In terms of efficiency, it’s the best. Low effort, low time, high impact (get known). [Low effort (money, time, will, energy, resources) in comparison to being a generalist/being in many places at once.]
  • In terms of innovation and creativity, lets you focus your energy into one thing, avoiding shiny-object syndrome. You see more opportunities.
  • In terms of sanity, lets you commit to something for some time — and making a public claim of it, makes you own it to yourself. You’re more comfortable with your decision.
  • In terms of results, makes things simpler. You can see IF it makes the impact you want (or if it’s heading that way), and if not, correct or change course while on movement. Can’t maneuver a docked ship, can you?

Not a face tattoo

You can change it over time. You can try and experiment, as long as you get a strategy and know where you’re heading. 1000 inches in one direction v. one inch in 1000 directions. If you change because it’s not working it’ll be fine — nobody cares yet.

A tiny flame

Niching down is that tiny flame you need to start a bonfire. Small twigs, dry leaves, grass and needles. Once it’s burning, you can add larger pieces of wood and it’ll burn… and stay alive for longer.

Halo effect

A cognitive bias we all have that creates positive impressions of us being great in one thing to positively influence one’s judgement in other areas. They’re great at this. They MUST be great at this other thing too.

Narnia vs. Mordor

Lets you explore further down the road all those other things you wanted in a more systematic and with lowered risk.

It’s not a dead end. It’s more like Narnia, and not Mordor. You open this one door and there are way more others within — more doors. It’s not Mordor [dying of boredom].

All it requires of you is to decide to decide. Easier said than done. Been there.

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