Finding Your Niche Is The Simplest Start — And Not A Face Tattoo.

The First Wave

  • In terms of efficiency, it’s the best. Low effort, low time, high impact (get known). [Low effort (money, time, will, energy, resources) in comparison to being a generalist/being in many places at once.]
  • In terms of innovation and creativity, lets you focus your energy into one thing, avoiding shiny-object syndrome. You see more opportunities.
  • In terms of sanity, lets you commit to something for some time — and making a public claim of it, makes you own it to yourself. You’re more comfortable with your decision.
  • In terms of results, makes things simpler. You can see IF it makes the impact you want (or if it’s heading that way), and if not, correct or change course while on movement. Can’t maneuver a docked ship, can you?

Not a face tattoo

A tiny flame

Halo effect

Narnia vs. Mordor



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Rod Aparicio

Rod Aparicio

Strategy Designer for Indie Consulting Firms