Focus Gaps

Rod Aparicio
1 min readMar 9, 2023

You started working on your personal inventory and are asking yourself “Now what?”

You move onto what’s your current Focus Gap. Your very own self-audit to start seeing things under a different light. Are you focused on yourself or on others?

You can review your comms and messaging under these 2 lenses (on your website, brochures or any kind of media you use).


It’s all about you.

Our work, what we do, what we see, how we work, how we help, our vision, about us, our projects, our clients, our goals, etc.

First off — people are visiting your website because they want to know more about you — it’s kind of obvious that the clients on your website and everything else there is yours. I hardly think you’d be putting your competitor’s clients — but you never know…


It’s all about THEM, your customers.

The transformation or change you help create, from the perspective of your clients. The purpose that moves you and your organization to do what you do best every single time. This is all about how your customers, clients, users, think and want.

It’s about how THEY can get their transformation.

My question for you:

Which route are your comms and messaging following?

We’ll go deep into the weeds tomorrow. Today, let’s sink in with the big picture in mind. :)

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