How can you align your brand from purpose to impact? A 7-Step brand framework for indie consulting firms.

Starting with the foundation, knowing our purpose or why we do what we do is the one thing that sets us in the right direction — the Why, Hows and Whats by Simon Sinek. It’s a simple and clear way to know and be at our best, as well as finding our tribes. It’s the first step to move forward — yet, still focused inwards (the org.)

This approach created by John Hagel puts our stories together and sees the patterns of our purpose, going deeper and looking forward, in a more actionable way.

What’s the thing we tell of ourselves to help create something bigger than us?

That narrative links how we see the world and how we can put words to it. Are we doing things because we see threats or opportunities?

We know where we’re heading. Now, how do we make sure we move and decide through the same filters?

Are we using a systemic approach to create that impact we intend to?

Enables us to create change in a more streamlined, impactful way.

Where do you make a bigger splash with one stone? In a barrel full of water of in the ocean?

Remember, this is not a face tattoo. It’s just a way to start faster.

Up till the point before, it was all about us. Now we flip everything we have and put it into how it helps the ones we want to help.

What’s the language they use, their pain points, their beliefs, what they stand for, their POV.

It’s all about finding them, knowing them and putting things for THEM to resonate. That’s the flip. Stopping thinking about us to move forward to think about them. We stop being focused on us to focus on them.

Now that we are focused on the ones we serve, it’s simpler to make the right calls. What we do, is it in alignment to help them get better off?

Everything feels so smooth and simple to put in motion. This is where moving from your vision or idea into actionable things happens. This is when you turn crazy ideas into real, amazing shit.

At this stage, you’re so focused on really helping that you become the best, obvious option. You go being A helper/partner/vendor/associate to be THE one. The impact you’re able to do here is bigger. The people you help are ready to take action. Your work takes meaning.

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