Indie Consulting Brands On How To Say No: Nuances Before You Start. part 1

Rod Aparicio
2 min readJan 31, 2022


Expanding on yesterday’s essay to start saying No, there are some nuances to be aware of. Why? Because it’s life and it all depends. It ain’t black & white.

1. Don’t follow my advice

If you’re making good money and are happy with what you’re achieving.

If your opportunities exceed your capacity (you have more work than you can handle).

2. Be willing to walk away

Know that you’re fine with yourself — if you can’t help, aren’t a good fit, your prospect is not a great fit or the conditions are not the right ones to you — to walk away from it, refer it to somebody who could help them in a better capacity.

3. Not an ultimatum

Using No to state an ultimatum to “regain” control over the negotiations is a shit move. Only the ones without power state ultimatums, meaning you give all of your power, position, expertise away.

4. Not a power play to manipulate

Just like an ultimatum, saying No is not a power play to manipulate the other party into buying in. (Scarcity, FOMO and more used like this is shitty marketing — and business manners).

5. Have a runway

Have savings to let you have some time in case you don’t find a great fit. Hope this was simpler, but Hey! It’s life.

6. Fire your bottom 20

Churn. Refer your less profitable clients to others so you can focus on a new 20% of more profitable ones.

to be continued…

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