Pricing different

Rod Aparicio
1 min readMar 2, 2023


Going into a product-market gap allows you to play a different game from the rest. One thing you can start playing with is Pricing.

In a product-market fit

  • “This is how everybody else prices” (eg. costplus)
  • “These are the prices.”

Makes you think:
How can i make my price “fit” into this place and still make a profit (🤞) or make it attractive for me to keep at it?

[Where’s The Focus] → Yourself

In a product-market gap

  • “This is how everybody else prices” (ceg. cost+)
  • “These are the prices”.

Makes you think:
How can i change this equation?

  • How could i charge X? [sidenote: you’re not thinking of costs here, but price]
  • What would my customers need that they gain 10X the price?

Value → Price → Cost

And to know the value, there’s only one way: you need to know what your customers want — what they value.

Only then you’ll be customer-centric and customer-driven. On how to serve them.

WTF [Where’s The Focus] → On them. On others.

This is the way.