Pricing Fuck Ups. Ep22. Hope that your price is the middle one. That way, they’ll choose your proposal.


Trying to be the “least risky” by playing in others’ game (and without information). You hope your proposal is not too cheap and not too expensive. That’s the way people choose, right? Not the cheapest, not the most expensive. The reasonable one.

What doesn’t happen

You don’t stand out, so you can’t be profitable enough (or at all).

What does happen

You’re — consciously or unconsciously — cutting down your prices to “de-risk” your work. It’s all about you, in a set with competitors. You make it easy to be compared with others. Odds of winning: 10%.

Do different

You can reframe the game. In your favor. Help them compare you. With you. Present 3 options.

The power of (3) options

1. Makes your prospect compare you versus you.

  • One option = Take it or leave it.
  • Three options = “How could we make this work?”


Work on presenting 3 options in your proposals. Set the right context for yourself. Stop playing somebody else’s game (with big odds of losing).



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