Pricing fuck ups. Lessons on the wrong approach to price from the indie side of biz. Pitch, pitch, pitch.


We got over excited to get a lead into a big business. Instead of focusing and choosing where we could nail it, we went broad trying to get as much surface was possible. Kind of fishing for whatever bites.

Would’ve done different:

Know if decision makers were involved and if there was a good fit.

What didn’t happen

Getting to know even the budget. The approach we took was simply bad. We didn’t let silence to take over — we filled it with “more things we could do”.

What did happen

Put ourselves into a vendor position.


Enter the meeting as a conversation. Find out if you’re both good fits for each other.
Don’t get ahead of yourself. Be ruthless and honest (especially with yourself) in seeing and not ignoring red flags.
Be true to yourself ahead and know if you’re willing to walk away or if you need the gig.



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Rod Aparicio

Rod Aparicio

Strategy Designer for Indie Consulting Firms