Purpose-Driven Companies. A Big Lie.

The big lie: “We’re purpose driven.”

There’s been this purpose-washing trend for the last few years where everyone turns out to be “purpose-driven”.

  • “We care about communities”
  • “We’re customer-centric” [bc nobody else is, right?]
  • “We have a purpose”
  • “We ‘empower’ people”
  • Blah blah blah

All about winning, not about you or “purpose”.

In reality they’ve always cared about “winning”. And if it comes through gimmicks, it’s fine for them. So they make promises and perform till they’re ahead and have enough equity/power. Then, the performance is done.

Once there, it’s all a big fuck off. Their agendas come to light and they just keep moving to keep and improve that power. They never cared about anybody else, there was no purpose driving their decisions — like, never. They didn’t care about a community. They sought numbers.

And now they’re delivering.

And are ready to use that to choke the ones who supported them. For money.

The problem was not that they didn’t have a purpose, because if it was for money, we’d be fine with it. Actually, if they didn’t bullshit their way through with “purpose”, we wouldn’t even care (mostly). But no. They had to lie.

Those are the “purpose-driven” bullshitters.

Your company doesn’t need a purpose

If it doesn’t and you’re open with it, we’ll choose. Some may do business with you. Some may not. Just don’t bullshit us.

If it does, though… own it and keep your promises and truly live by it. We’ll be there for you.

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Strategy Designer for Indie Consulting Firms

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Rod Aparicio

Rod Aparicio

Strategy Designer for Indie Consulting Firms

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