Reframing Creativity for Non-Creatives: How to be more creative in 4 1/2 steps.

Rod Aparicio
1 min readJan 22, 2022

After reframing Creativity as The Ability To See Opportunity, here’s part of an approach I’m discovering myself (hence the daily writing).

  1. Stretching Ourselves. Being uncomfortable with new situations and enjoy them. To Learn.
  2. Embracing Constraints. That’s the most useful way to think of new ways, to have amplitude of thinking, to go broad on what could be possible.
  3. Deepening To See The Patterns. The most accustomed we get to seeing the same thing over and over will give us insights on how it could be approached differently. A jazz player doesn’t just play random notes and chords — first they need to see the patterns to know when, where and how to “break” the rules and make the song harmonious.
  4. Specializing. Making a choice to say no to everything else. That’s the best way to mastery.


The hardest part — as usual — is the one that will turn one door into more doors, enabling you to see unseen possibilities and take action to bring opportunities into reality. That’s the only way I see how we can make better decisions. The right decisions. And it’s fucking hard. =)

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