The Best Strategy To Niching Down For Indie Consulting Firms: Stop Doing What You’ve Been Taught.

Evolution set us up to avoid danger in order to survive.

How did we achieve that? Stealth: fitting in and blending in.

Not standing out in the crowd made it safe.

Move a few thousand years further and we were taught that we needed to fit in and blend in — to not disrupt how things are. We need certainty, they said. Get a job. Smile to everyone. Please everyone. Don’t cause problems. Don’t speak up. Don’t revolt. Don’t stir the pot. Don’t ask too many questions. Don’t ask. Do as we say.

Fit In

A circle into a square shape. Maybe you do get to fit in, but doing those type of gymnastics wears you down. And make you miserable on the long term.

Blend In

Get a color into a blender with others, turn it on and it will blend into the others… almost disappearing. Being part of, at the expense of its uniqueness.

Is there another way?

Now, we don’t really face physical danger when starting a new venture or business (in the sense that it’s not a life or death situation). Yet, we still have this pre-programmed thinking that we have to keep a low profile. We don’t want to be seen as the threat for breaking how things are. And you know what? You’re right. But here are the good news: it’s only our ego that’ll get “hurt”.

“Everything is risky”: Judgement. Critiques. Pushing too much. Having a different POV. Making noise.

No. It’s not. What is risky is not standing out. How can we help and create greater impact if we’re the best kept secret?

It’s time to [Un]Fit In and [Un]Blend In. Are you willing to take that leap of faith and stand out?

Be your shape. Be your colorfulness.

You’ll stand out. And that’s fucking great.

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