The Purpose Of A Biz | Event 01. p2: To Create Customers. Companies Don’t Build Brands, Customers Do. From An Old To A New Model.

Rod Aparicio
2 min readFeb 26, 2022

How To Build A Brand

Marty Neumeier defines brand as “the gut feeling one has about a product, service or company”.

One thing to note here: it’s not about a person. A person can’t be a brand. This “personal branding” fad might be well intended, but it’s bullshit. Reframing a brand takes off and adds features to it. You can’t take features off a person. It’s just nonsense.

Anyways. There has to be a shift on how we see businesses, brands and customers. The center of it all is the customer, because it’s them -and only them- who make a business sustainable. No customers, we got nothing.

The Old Model

How does a brand mean what it’s supposed to mean? By having that gut feeling consistent throughout the whole journey/process/”experience”.

It’s a cycle. A different one from the industrial age (the old model that still runs in most parts) where a company “created” a brand to acquire customers, so that they would sustain the company. It’s all about us.

The New Model

“A company creates customers, customers build the brand by telling their friends and the brand sustains the company so that the company can make more brands.” Marty Neumeier.

Taking Peter Drucker’s idea that “the purpose of a business is to create customers”, he defines a 5-step model that at the end is what makes see brands as a new whole thing.

A consistent brand supports a business and associates it with its intended meaning, making it last longer or even thrive. Brands live longer than customers — and make a hell of a difference when the business screws things up.

What the customer thinks he is buying, what he considers “value,” is decisive — it determines what a business is, what it produces and whether it will prosper. Peter Drucker

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