The Scam We’ve Been Taught To Use: To Underpromise and Overdeliver. Time To Get Off Of It

4 Reasons To Underpromising and Overdelivering

1. Incompetence

2. Covering Our Asses

3. No Boundaries

4. Lack of Confidence

We Lie

Wouldn’t this be intellectually dishonest at least?

Play this out.

The Economic Impact

How You Underprice Your Work

  1. The probable promise in your head: A
  2. though you’ll tell the client you’ll do less (leverage their ignorance/lack of expertise in the field): B = A-1
  3. The actual promise in the eyes of the client: B
  4. The delivered promise (your overdelivery): B+1 = A
  5. Normal client expectation for further work: A
  6. Normal price expectation for further work: B = A-1

Your Way Out



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