Why You *Want* Competitors

“Create a personal monopoly” | “Create a category of one”

That’s thinking with a 100 year-old business mindset.

You want competitors

Why you want competitors

  • So you know it’s something worth focusing on → There are others that see this space as profitable. Good sign.
  • So your prospects can take a better-informed decision → They’re presented with options to choose from.
  • You can get better at your craft faster → Experimentation and competences built and made by competitors will push you to gain different insights.
  • You can capture a premium price → Low-price competitors can take undesirable work/clients that are not the best fits for you (and you’ll be able to charge a premium). Win-Win-Win.
  • You can capture a higher volume… by productizing → Commoditization is only bad when it happens to you, not when you choose it. Productizing your services, scaling up your IP, selling info-products, etc. You can focus on the lower end of the spectrum and take it by volume at a high quality, without the need to customize the work.

Still interested in having no competition?

Read this post and more on my Typeshare Social Blog



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