Work-Life Balance. A false dichotomy.

Rod Aparicio
2 min readDec 3, 2022

Seems to be a forced distinction between “work-life” and “life”.
It’s nonsense.

Ask yourself:

  • Does it mean that if you’re working, you’re not living?
  • Or if you’re living, you’re not working?

To have a balance between 2 things, one needs to pull the other on the opposite direction — which makes this (besides a misconception) an oxymoron.

Ask yourself again

If you get to LOVE what you do, are you picking one over the other?

Work & Life

“Work” is part of life. Just like learning or sleeping.

What’s to search is not a “balance”. It’s a harmonious way to make things work. How to make things fit better, in a way that works for you.

While I agree with David C. Baker on (paraphrasing him here) “It’s not a right to have a job you love”, it’s also about having a job you love what brings you at your natural best.

You, as an indie consultant, solopreneur or creator, have that choice. You’re choosing on your own every. single. day.
As such, you have more possibilities to make it right for yourself.

A luxury you have

You have something others don’t necessarily have: more agency to choose.

  • How to do business.
  • How to run business.
  • What to take.
  • What to get rid of.

It doesn’t need to be at once — or ever. But if you do get to manage and start changing things for yourself. If you start seeing work and life as ONE thing, choose wisely where to spend your fuck bucks. :)

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