Your Personal Inventory [To Find Gaps]

Rod Aparicio
1 min readMar 7, 2023

To find gaps, you can use a personal inventory. And that sounds simple… yet, many times it’s overwhelming not to know how to start.

Here’s a way to do your personal inventory to figure out what you’re really good at.

  • Client / Employer
  • Industry
  • Project Description → Quickly describe what you were hired to do.
  • Inputs → Time, money, resources
  • Outputs → Deliverables (roadmaps, strategies, papers, docs, software…)
  • Outcomes → What they achieved after the work was done
  • Impact → How impactful was your work? Low, regular, a home run?
  • Profit → How profitable was it for you? Loss, break-even, meh profit, good profit?
  • Interest → How much interest would you have to continue with these types of projects? Don’t ever want to work here again, it’s ok, I’m fascinated by what I find.
  • Credibility → How much credibility do you have in this area? No cred, low cred, it’s ok, authority.
  • Market Size How big is the market? How economically attractive is it? How competitive is the scenario? How many competitors are there?
  • Deal-breakers → Are there any deal breakers that would make you run away from working in this kind of project / type of client?

If you need some more depth about it, I’m here. :)